Proteifine Diet


In my experience as a nutritionist I have been very impressed with the success of the Protéifine diet. Where I consider it appropriate, I will recommend that you use it as a key feature of your overall programme or advise on individual products.

This diet has been developed by Ysonut, a leading European medical diet, micronutrition and chronobiology company, and has been adopted widely in many European countries. It is a protein focused, balanced carbohydrate and low fat diet which promotes safe, effective and quick weight loss.

It includes a range of meal replacement foods which are based on natural proteins, which encourage fat loss, preserves lean muscle mass whilst ensuring nutrient sufficiency. There is something to suit everyone’s tastes from protein bars, desserts, biscuits and pancakes, to pasta, omelettes and savoury snacks. A wide range of fresh vegetables is also recommended.

Unlike many other diets, the programme is professionally supervised and adopts principles of chronobiology to help prevent cravings for junk food and constant feelings of being hungry. Dietary re-education is also a fundamental part of the programme to ensure long-term success.

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