InBody Body Composition Analysis

Another tool I find extremely useful during your initial consultation is the The InBody ™ Body Composition Analysis.

This is a state of the art and most popular method of measuring body composition. The results are very accurate, giving a reading way beyond mere body weight and the basic BMI (Body Mass Index). All that’s required is that you, the client, stand on the pads for a few minutes (under a fasted state). Using multiple frequencies the machine then tests the resistance of your body and is able to determine how much of your body is fat or muscle tissue or bone. It also gives me a plethora of detailed data including your bone mineral content and visceral fat mass that helps me create your nutritional programme. With this information I can pin-point areas of your health that need attention and tailor precise and personalised eating plans.

Used in conjunction with the Protéifine Diet I can engineer a weight loss plan that we know will also ensure your body receives all the essential minerals and vitamins to ensure rapid but safe weight loss.

It is suitable for everyone over 6 years old and up to 250Kg in weight. I will give you a printed feedback results sheet which is recognised for GP or hospital purposes.


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